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Classic Shoes Every Man Should Own Part 1, (because 1 part alone can never be enough…)

Real talk: shoes can make or break your outfit. They can either elevate it to the stars or plummet an otherwise well put together outfit to the ground. There’s no doubt then that having a selection of the right shoes is crucial to complement your clothes and help you appear well-dressed, elegant and oh so classy! We put together a two-part series of every shoe a man must own that will see you stylishly conquer every day. Black Formal Oxford Shoes (This one is like Neo - 'The one') This is an all-time classic, making it an absolute must have and number one on our list of recommendations. You can wear this to virtually any formal event and you’ll feel...

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and How to Steer Clear!  We all agree there’s nothing quite like dapper men who take care of their appearance and put thought into how they dress! And while picking out the correct suit is key, let’s not forget the inherently important role formal leather shoes have to play. Below, we’ve outlined some of the biggest dress shoe mistakes men make… and how to fix them.  Note: Consider this a public service announcement to help avert a disaster while we still can!   Mistake #1: Not Sticking to the Basics Remember fellas, simple is sophisticated! While we all love a bit of adventure, your formal shoes are not the place to introduce that. Stray far away from outlandish details, loud laces,...

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