Classic Shoes Every Man Should Own Part 1, (because 1 part alone can never be enough…)

Real talk: shoes can make or break your outfit. They can either elevate it to the stars or plummet an otherwise well put together outfit to the ground. There’s no doubt then that having a selection of the right shoes is crucial to complement your clothes and help you appear well-dressed, elegant and oh so classy! We put together a two-part series of every shoe a man must own that will see you stylishly conquer every day.

Black Formal Oxford Shoes (This one is like Neo - 'The one')

This is an all-time classic, making it an absolute must have and number one on our list of recommendations. You can wear this to virtually any formal event and you’ll feel perfectly in place. Whether you’re sporting a tuxedo, a suit, a blazer, dinner jacket, dress shirt, chinos-- oh, the list goes on-- this shoe will fit right in with the ensemble. 

Crafted from high cut pieces of luxurious European full grain leather, these Toe cap Black Oxford Shoes by Churchill & Company feature a lightweight leather sole with Softherapy™ foot bed for all day comfort. Trust us, this versatile shoe is going to be your new best friend through thick and thin.


Tan Wingtip Derby Shoes (you could call these brogues and it will be ok)

No collection of men’s footwear is complete without a pair of smart Tan shoes. While oxfords are more formal, derbies are relatively less so. Featuring a flexible, open lacing system, they provide greater comfort for tired feet, making them ideal for wearing on a day when you’re standing and giving presentations in the office, or even when you’re on a business or leisure trip. These, too, can be combined with practically any form of clothing, and are a sure shot staple in your wardrobe.

The best part? Churchill & Company has the perfect pair for you! The Wingtip Derby in a beautiful tan colour features a unique brogue design. In the shade of brown that’s not too light nor too dark-- just perfect-- these utilitarian shoes are the epitome of comfort and style, and will help you seamlessly transition from day to night.


Penny Loafers or just call them your favorite  slip - ons

When you think ‘smart casual,’ think of the penny loafer. Lace free and fuss free, this preppy shoe is different yet has managed to carve a niche of its own. Formal or casual, it will effortlessly fit all your needs and all your clothes, from a slim fit suit to a pair of jeans opt for a pair in a shade of brown, such as the Tan Penny Loafer from Churchill & Company, or one with reddish or burgundy undertones, such as the Ivy burgundy loafer.

We strongly recommend investing in these evergreen styles if you’re looking to invest in shoes that you’ll never go wrong with. Check out part 2 of our list of must-have shoes for men for inspiration for an entirely comprehensive shoe closet that is sure to bring you compliments and envious smiles in equal doses! Browse through Churchill & Company’s official website for more. Happy shopping!


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