Battle the Quarantine Season Like a Boss!

With the COVID-19 outbreak and our cities under lockdown, several of us have no choice but to work from home!! because hey! Staying in is the new going out! But we understand how this social isolation can trigger feelings of un-productivity and a lack of motivation. Though mind you, there is one fix which almost always helps elevate one’s mood: dressing well. 

Now, just hear me out… while it can be tempting to be cosied up in our PJs all day long, remember that how you dress has a great impact on how you feel. If you’re dressed looking like your most dapper self, then there’s a high chance you’re going to feel confident and uplifted. On the contrary, correct us if we’re wrong, but the boxers you’ve been wearing as sleepwear for the last six years don’t really make you feel like the best version of yourself.

While dressing well doesn’t have to mean dressing up, putting a bit of effort pays off and can kick start your day on a great note. Our team at Churchill & Company has put together some tips for you as you battle through quarantine season like a boss!


#1: The 2 S Words: Shower and Shave


For starters, get yourself cleaned up.  


#2: Put on some pants!


No need to adorn a suit… but that also means no jeans (and definitely no sweatpants either). Think of corduroy trousers or a pair of chinos, perhaps. 


#3: The Other 2 S Words: Socks and Shoes


Take this seriously: DO NOT walk around in your bathroom slippers all day long! Nothing else will quite knock in some professionalism the way putting on a pair of actual shoes would. But hey, you can choose to be comfy (no, we aren’t talking about your gym trainers). Rather, pick a pair of men’s loafers such as the classic Suede Brown Tasselled Loafers, these chic sneakers for men in a unique stone grey colour or the edgy burgundy light weight sneaker for men.


All of the above are crafted with the finest European leather featuring Churchill & Company’s Softherapy™ foot-bed technology, providing you with utmost comfort as you navigate this new work-from-home reality. 


* This guide has been written for gentlemen. But hey, even if you identify with an alternative gender, we’d think all these apply for you, too! Let’s all ‘Walk a different beat’ as we strive to strike a balance between working productively from home and #quarantineandchill.


Thanks for sharing these information. I was looking for some blog that can guide me about some men fashion tips to be followed in this lock-down. I rally loved this.

Shubh October 10, 2020

Very well said. Makes total sense

Sunil October 10, 2020

Pretty cool ideas – like the classic designs.

Aniruddha Dutt October 10, 2020

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