and How to Steer Clear!

 We all agree there’s nothing quite like dapper men who take care of their appearance and put thought into how they dress! And while picking out the correct suit is key, let’s not forget the inherently important role formal leather shoes have to play. Below, we’ve outlined some of the biggest dress shoe mistakes men make… and how to fix them.

 Note: Consider this a public service announcement to help avert a disaster while we still can! 

 Mistake #1: Not Sticking to the Basics

Remember fellas, simple is sophisticated! While we all love a bit of adventure, your formal shoes are not the place to introduce that. Stray far away from outlandish details, loud laces, or colours that pop a bit too bright. That yellow or turquoise suede pair with red laces? Look away-- yes, even if it’s at 70 percent off! Rather, invest in a pair or two of timeless Oxfords and Derbys that you’ll never go wrong with. We recommend starting with Churchill & Company’s classic Wayne: Cap-toe Oxfords.

A classic oxford shoe makes a safe choice as a formal leather shoe, which is easy to club with suits as well as a relaxed pair of chinos. Alright, you can go crazy with a funky pair of socks (not white and full length please!) to go with the Churchill’s.

 Mistake #2: Buying Square-Toed Shoes

Excuse us for being a bit too frank, but in our books, square toed shoes are automatically equated with… well, ugly shoes. Rubber soles, and big, chunky toe boxes are anything but stylish, and definitely anything but sophisticated. Since elegance should be your mantra when buying a pair of formal leather shoes, avoid the unflattering silhouette of square-toes shoes.  

Instead, check out Marco: Black Oxford Shoes (Image above) crafted with soft European full grain leather featuring Churchill & Company’s Softherapy™ foot-bed technology. You can never go wrong with these-- take our word for it.

 Mistake #3: Buying the Same Shoe Twice


We get it, we get it… you love that black formal shoe! It fits well, it looks fantastic, and it doesn’t require you to sell a kidney in the black market. What’s not to love?! So you decide to go ahead and purchase it in another colour, too-- but stop. Focus rather on buying a pair that screams quality craftsmanship and will last you long enough such that you wouldn’t need more than one.

Focus on making versatile, quality purchases rather than stocking up on the same kind. At Churchill & Company, we have something for everyone. With a guarantee of superior quality and craftsmanship. So you are sorted for the next few years… at the very least! 

Mistake #4: Wearing Dress Shoes with Rubber Soles 

Dress shoes are just that-- dressy. But you know what isn’t dressy? Rubber. That ‘clink’ as the leather sole hits the floor is a sign of unmatched elegance! While yes, maintaining them takes a bit more effort, the same applies for all the good things in life. So why compromise?

Pro tip: Look for a leather sole with a protective rubber forepart, now that’s form and function. Shop a variety of styles at Churchill and Company that tick all the right boxes. You will be as gentlemanly as ever!

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Very thoughtful mail to keep the brand relevant under these lock down times when shoes are the last thing that comes to mind. Love your products. Best Luck.

Narayan Krishnan October 10, 2020

Very authentic recommendations

Arif Rizvi October 10, 2020

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