Buying Summer Shoes? Follow these 4 simple rules!

A simple guide from Churchill & Company on how to refresh your footwear game as we head into warmer months

 With the sweltering tropical summer around, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh! While our cottons and linens are back to see the light of day, let’s not forget to also switch it up when it comes to our shoes.

 As a well-dressed gentleman, there are some Holy Grail summer shoe rules for you to keep in mind. Churchill & Company has put together a list to help you look your very best even as you brace for these 40+ degree temperatures. 

 Rule #1: Stay away from sandals and flip flops on most days

Boys, while we understand that nothing screams ‘summer’ quite as loud as that pair of sandals or flip flops, they don’t exactly exude quality, elegance and craftsmanship, either. Remember that this is simply not something you should wear on a regular basis (unless, of course, your office operates out of a beach-- in that case, lucky you!). 

 Rule #2: Trainers and trousers? NO THANK YOU!

Let’s make a pact, shall we? That pair of oh-so-comfy trainers is best sported at a gym or during your evening walk-- and about that’s it! Don’t make the mistake of teaming them up with a pair of trousers, even if you’re dressing casually or semi-casually. Trust us, Ranveer Singh can carry it off and look like a super star. That may not be true for everyone!

Invest in a pair of proper summer shoes instead, like this lightweight burgundy slip-on sneaker featuring the Softherapy foot bed technology. It offers comfort and class in equal measure, and will surely be a game changer, we promise.

 Rule #3: Don’t buy shoes with colourful soles

Its summer and it’s the time to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe! Some things should be retained as classics, though, and shoe soles are one of them. Don’t get carried away and purchase a shoe which gives the impression of a formal leather shoe from the top, but has a colourful rubber sole in place of a neutral leather sole. The latter is simply the smarter, more evergreen pick, not to mention a better decision in terms of quality as well as financial sensibility.

When it comes to opting for something colourful, we recommend experimenting with a fun upper style. For example, try a deep burgundy or the oh very British Harrods green. These colours are versatile and can be easily paired with casual and formal clothes depending on the occasion. 

Pro tip: Pick an otherwise neutral pair of shoes with contrasting laces. This can effortlessly change the whole look and keep things fun, young, and easy breezy! 

 Rule #4: Don’t restrict yourself to ONLY summer shoes

Yes, yes, yes. We know we’ve been preaching about the importance of the correct summer shoes! But remember, there are some shoes that you can utilize during as well as outside the summer. Shoes in warm brown shades and suede leather shoes are some great examples of round-the-year styles. 

And at last, don’t we love the boat shoes with a full moccasin construction. We will talk about it more in the next edition of out blog!

Looking to update your wardrobe before the summer hits in full swing? Check out some cool designs from Churchill & Company-- relaxed yet stylish, everything that a summer shoe should be! Buy now!


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