Who are we & why do we exist – Churchill Shoes

Who are we & why do we exist

Founders of this company love shopping. It was never about the perfect pair of jeans or the suit that fit flawlessly. It wasn’t even about the most exemplary pair of shoes. It was about that moment. That feeling of desire mixed with excitement which led to the ultimate 'Utopian pleasure'.

Swiping the card is a mere transaction. We are talking about the walk back home, when you check your bag every now and then to see if the gorgeous new possessions are still in there. This exhilaration is unmatched.

That is the feeling we want to sell.

There must be more than a hundred thousand footwear companies claiming to sell the most stylish and comfortable ‘products’. They talk about being handmade or custom made using the ‘best’ of everything. Well, it didn’t work for us.

We thought let’s make the most fantastic bench-made shoes, using top quality machinery. If the technology is there, why not use it? So, we ended up with a ‘product’ with much higher precision and quality.

We felt fascinated. With every pair packed in fresh crease-less cardboard, we announced to the world, ‘Hello, I’m here’. It was like waking up to the weekend. It’s time we share this excitement. Go on, feel the heart rate increase......






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