The Proposition:

It was in the wake of major trends for trainers and less formal work clothing that men were looking for a more versatile, comfortable and modern style shoe designs.

They wanted dress shoes for formal and informal occasions that trod the middle ground between traditional brogues/oxfords and trainers and walked a different beat and in walked Churchill.

 Churchill & Co. Designed in Northampton England, Handcrafted in India: 

The brand is inspired by Indian ‘Gentlemen’ who walk a different beat and are looking for deconstructed styles with softer finishes. Churchill Shoes comes from the finest design studio in Northampton, England and are crafted with a fine balance and precision of man and machine with the finest imported leather.

Technology & Precision 


Over the years, Churchill & Company has developed its trademarked foot-bed technology Softherapy™. This leather lined luxurious foot-bed delivers a softer foot strike to the ground devoid of any stiffness. Churchill is classic style designed softly.



2500: Each collection takes more than 2500 hours to design and manufacture.
6: Imported European leather used in Churchill shoes, takes 6 weeks of curing and tanning for the perfect outcome.
252: Every Churchill shoe undergoes 252 steps to get the right fit, balance, and finesse
75: A team of more than 75 experienced craftsmen spread across 3 continents, work tirelessly to prepare each new collection for Churchill shoes
Classic Sneakers:
Every Churchill sneaker is designed to functionally support you through your day. Whether you are an artist or a finance guy, Churchill lets you put your best foot forward with its ultralight weight sole is allowing you to breeze through. Just don a pair of Churchill's and don't worry about the miles!
The Founders
Abhishek comes armed with a business degree from Warwick UK and  assignments with multinationals in UK and India, on the way the entrepreneurship bug caught up with him and the inanimate object which he always worshiped for it’s supposed magical powers became his business
idea: Dress Shoes! He absolutely loves the classic style but always wanted dress shoes which were less regimented and which could seamlessly blend into any mood or occasion.
He found a close ally in Sagar, a B-Tech engineer who dabbled in automobile but also shared the same fixation in which gratification was linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object – Shoes!, he loves to  celebrate life and believes that anything worth having is worth working smarter for.